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Who are AH Partners?

AH Partners is a finance company that provides growth capital to today's small businesses. We add value beyond capital by building effective partnerships. Over the past two years, our Partner Loans have assisted several small businesses during their growth phase, providing them what they need to lead, expand and achieve.


What kind of businesses benefit from your services?

Fast growing small businesses, we're all about growth. We've worked with many businesses in several industries; retail, hair & beauty, hospitality, the list goes on!


What type of businesses do you support?

We have a particular focus on micro businesses, generating  £35000 to £1,500,000 per annum, with at least 6 months trading history. The smaller businesses who don't receive the attention that they deserve, for example, the local corner store, the hair salon on your high road, or your favourite kebab shop - these are examples of the type of businesses we support.


What’s the difference between AH Partners and a bank?

We take the time to understand the clients we support. We want to understand their pain points, needs and most importantly their 'why'. We want to know the reasons why they are in business, and by doing so, we can quickly provide the best way to support their growth plans.


What if I'm not eligible?

We may be able to support you in other ways. We're always building partnerships with industry experts who can provide small businesses the support system they need to grow. To gain access to our partnership network, contact us and speak with someone from our team.


What happens if I miss repayments?

We understand that there will be good times and bad times. As a result, we offer holiday repayments alongside a listening ear to our clients. However, if you fail to keep us updated or continuously miss your repayment dates you will be charged late fees. The amount can vary depending on the size of your loan and missing too many repayments can result in your business facing serious money problems.


Pricing and repayments


How much interest do you charge?

Our representative rate is 2.5% but what rate you receive really does vary depending on the product you choose.


Our Powyo loan offers borrowers the opportunity to take advantage on an interest only loan, with no early repayment fees; perfect for small businesses wanting to take advantage of some short term opportunities.


Our Flat White loan offers borrowers a flexible term loan with added benefits such as fast track access to our 'Partner' network and holiday repayments. Perfect for a small business wanting to expand, refurbish a new store or invest in additional stock.


Can I top up my loan?

Yes! However, this will be based on your business's performance, repayment behaviour and a list of other factors.


Are there any additional fees?

The additional fees will depend on the product you choose. Our Powyo loan does not have any fees whereas our Flat White loan includes an administration fee.


Are your interest charges tax deductible?

Yes, you can deduct our interest charges from your annual taxes. For more information, please visit HM Revenue & Customs website:




Can I trust you?

We take data protection very seriously and keep all customer data secured by encryption. We've worked with several businesses, who have been very  happy with our services to date. You can view our customer reviews and partner stories here.


Will you run credit checks when I apply?

In order for us to lend responsibly we need to view your credit score. Therefore, we will need to provide your details to Credit Reference Agences & FRA


What data do you require?

We will need from your business:

-    Bank statements from the previous six months

-    VAT return from the previous two quarters

-    Annual accounts if available.


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